Friday, 21 December 2012

The Classical paintings of Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the land of valour shows the art of chivalry and having the heart of colours. If the history scrolls, Rajasthan has embedded them in the world map holding the hands of ethnicity, cultural heritage and tales of heroism.
Spreading the glorious history and cultural richness of Rajasthan, the paintings are the most sparkling jewels of this state. The art depicts the perfect blending of colours, grace and the mesmerizing stories of the Maharajas. The sculptors are the icons of the medieval India which never failed to win the heart of the onlookers.
The classical Rajasthan Paintings can be described in two sections which are based on its style. The former is known as the Miniature Paintings and the other is Rajasthan Paintings which is based on the folk style of Rajasthan.
Rajasthan is one of the pioneer seats of miniature paintings in India. The rulers of Rajputana maintained a close rapport with the Mughal sultanate and thus the paintings depicts the similar blending which flows between the Rajput’s and the Mughals. The Miniature Paintings have their own unique style which includes the hills, valleys, court assemblies (Durbars), Hunting adventures, religious festivals, processions and scenes from the life of lord Krishna. Miniature Paintings are basically famous for bold lines, emotionally charged faces, use of gaudy colours like red, orange, blue and with robust figures... It has spread its wings in the early 5th century and gradually reached its pinnacle of success in the 15th and 17th century. Another form of style was Bundi form of style. The Bundi miniatures are based on the Indian Ragas. Bundi Painting also illustrates the different stages of Lord Krishna and also gracefully presents the saga of love-“Krishnalila”. It also illustrates the legends like LailaMajnu, Historical events, Village scenes are the main themes of the Bundi Paintings.
Among the folk style of Painting we will get the Phad Paintings and the Pinchwais. The Phads are the most ancient Rajasthani form of art. The main theme of the Phad Paintings is the local deities and their stories. ThePhads are a kind of scroll paintings using bright and subtle colours. The paintings usually carried from places to places and the traditional singers usually narrate the story depicted in the painting. Rajasthan is also known for Pinchwais.The main theme of the pinchwais was the backdrop of the Srinathji’s Temple at Nathdwara. The Pinchwais are printed with hand blocks, woven decorated in applique. These paintings capture varied folklores from every corners of Rajasthan which were narrated by Bhopas. This art of painting is actually 700 yrs old and it originated in Shahpur, a princely state in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan. The specialty of the paintings was that, the first stoke of the colours was made by a virgin girl of the artist’s family which shows the colour of tradition.
Thus Rajasthani Paintings are the perfect blending of incredible diversity and creativity, between the “Real” and the “Imagined”.