Saturday, 9 March 2013

Rajasthani paintings on canvas

Below we have to mention about how to make Excellent paintings on canvas These are the following steps.

1) Get good photo of a woman face till bust sizing and sketch a few aanchal on the woman surface and let it drop till the bottom level of the picture.,

2) Next step in Just tracing it out on the Sheet Board (Smaller sized Size better for the new member )

3) you've to do is mix four parts of chalk powder to 2parts of Fevicol and along with very little normal water, make a insert that needs to be like a dosa cash. Jaipur stones on the spot where the jewellery will come and add this paste close to the jewellery work and a few motifs on the "Aanchal" and for the shirt borders. A few what like mehandi perform.

4) Later generating the diamond jewelry function with the Paste. pl. enable it to dry.

5)  For your pic face and skin colours only use 75% of white-colored with 25% of yellow ocher,mis it consistently and use one coat on the skin when it is oil colours let it dry, then utilize brown for shade providing for the face,skin.

6) Finally paint on graphic jewellery function with either Silver or gold paint, you may use possibly gold dust with obvious varnish or silver precious metal dust with clear varnish.

7 ) Later the complete photo is completed pl. enable it to dry and utilize varnish to the complete picture., so that will it very long lasts for ever.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Modern Rajasthani lady painting

Rajasthan is famous for land of warrior. Rajasthan is like the birth place of many great warriors like Rana Pratap Singh, Himu, Prithiraj Chouhan and many of great and brave kings. Rajasthan is like the fair of all talents. As if Rajasthan holds the entire history in its bosom, whether it may be in the field of heroism, patriotism, Romance or it excels in art. May it hold the history in forms of paintings or in the walls of the palaces? Rajasthan depicts one and only that its uniqueness in terms its physiology or may be in terms historical traditions. From the early periods of time Rajasthan (etymological meaning THE LAND OF RAJAS) was the junction of the Rajputs and the invasions of many foreign intruders. We all know about the Mirabai, the great Devotee of Lord Krishna belong from Rajasthan and one of the most Significant figures of the Saint tradition of the Vaishnava bhakti movement in that time. 
 Rani Padmini, Who was the queen of Chitorgarh, showed valour against the foreign invasion? Her chivalrous act got Place not only in the Indian history but also in the world history. Rajasthan is also famous for the great love saga of Prithiraj Chouhan and Sanjukta. There love story Very much famous in world wide.
So Rajasthani painting is almost incomplete without those chivalrous ladies, who had left a mark on the geography of Rajasthan.
The great rajput story their culture behind their paining. Rajasthani paintings are dynamic and changeable with the respect of time. Rajasthani painters through their paintings uplift the Women figures that were empowered with patience, grace, serenity through their paint. Motherhood with universal care as well as bravery and serenity of Rajasthani woman reflect in Rajasthani Lady Paintings.
Their colors of their paint really unique and attractive. Now Rajasthani paint get a unique name throughout the world. Imagine the Dhor Desert with camel in a picture background and a beautiful, colorful Rajasthani village lady warring attractive ornament. Wow that is really dream compassion of a painter.
In modern age, Rajasthani painters express life of village life of women with their attractive dressing beautiful eye catching ornament. Paining has good village background with Rajasthani village life in dhar desert with camel. Their abstract thinking of paining help Rajasthani paining to spent through the world wide.
Rajasthani Full of loves to experiment with different styles and techniques and depicts also express the great story of Rajasthani women.Now Modern Rajasthani paining has good market in word wide. Because those are attractive, expression able of the passion of women in Rajasthan. Reflect the culture of Rajasthan.
The main cause of success of Rajasthani paint is completely goes to their land which full of culture, bravery, passion of love, devotedness of the   God which through their Paints. Rajasthani paint rally have a good fortune. It increase the attraction not only the Rajasthan but also India. Lot of good painter in Rajasthan contributes their effort in the Rajasthani painting continuously which make Rathathani painting attractive through worldwide.

Rajasthan photo painting gifts

Rajasthan is the land of cultural diversity. Rajasthan has always been the first choice to jaunt, not only for the traditional richness but also to see the mix and match of the colours and art. If Rajasthan tells the stories of the great warriors; it also speaks of its uniqueness through its innumerable works of art which make her a show stopper. Rajasthan is dynamic, attractive and irresistible.
If any one pays a visit to Rajasthan, apart from forts, sand dunes, palaces, one could easily find out its rich work field in handicrafts. Early from the period of the 5th century Rajasthan had reached its zenith of success with its art of painting. Rajasthani Paintings have made a place in many of the renowned art galleries and museums. So if my travel friends want to give their home a look of ethnicity, then the best way is none other than with the paintings.
The first form of art which has evolved in the field of painting was the Phad paintings. The Maru- Gurjar came (Art of Rajasthan and Gujrat) it becomes very much successful in the 15th and 17th century. Later came many other paintings style came into being like Mewar Jain Painting style, blend of Mughal Sultanate Gurjar paintings, Miniature Paintings. Miniature style of paining spread its vast wings in the world market of Art works. Within this Miniature form of painting there is another style of painting known as Bundi Style of Painting. So if one could think to decorate their house or present a gift to their friends or relatives so the best option is definitely Rajasthani paintings.
Maru -Gurjar form of painting is actually the art that continues from Rajasthan to Gujarat. Thus, if any one seeks a perfect blending of both the feel of Rajasthan and Gujarat then one can definitely opt for this form of paintings. Maru-Gurjar and the Mughal gurjar paintings are also termed as the Royal Paintings as speaks of the stories of the royal kings, queens, court assemblies, scenes of the onset of the wars. It also highlights some customs and traditions during that period of time like the purdah system which is being depicted with the pictures of Rajasthani Lady, queens or princess casting their faces with the long drawn veils. Rajasthan also has undoubtedly excels in feminine art of painting. One can easily think for lady paintings for giving gifts. The lady painting of Rajasthan holds their place in many of the houses of the art lovers.
If anyone wants to have to hold the local culture of Rajasthan then one easily go for the Bundi paintings or the miniature kind of painting where it upholds the regional culture and gathas(stories) of their daily worshiped  deities using materials like clothes, homemade colours from the sources like vegetables, minerals, extracts of flowers, sometimes they used gold and silver. It also depicts the “krishnalila”of Lord Krishna. It beautifully describes the beautiful stories of Radhe-Krishna love episodes. Thus, one can easily use the Bundi Paintings as their wall hangings.
Rajasthani Paintings are the ultimate choice for the art lovers as presenting as gifts.

Friday, 21 December 2012

The Classical paintings of Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the land of valour shows the art of chivalry and having the heart of colours. If the history scrolls, Rajasthan has embedded them in the world map holding the hands of ethnicity, cultural heritage and tales of heroism.
Spreading the glorious history and cultural richness of Rajasthan, the paintings are the most sparkling jewels of this state. The art depicts the perfect blending of colours, grace and the mesmerizing stories of the Maharajas. The sculptors are the icons of the medieval India which never failed to win the heart of the onlookers.
The classical Rajasthan Paintings can be described in two sections which are based on its style. The former is known as the Miniature Paintings and the other is Rajasthan Paintings which is based on the folk style of Rajasthan.
Rajasthan is one of the pioneer seats of miniature paintings in India. The rulers of Rajputana maintained a close rapport with the Mughal sultanate and thus the paintings depicts the similar blending which flows between the Rajput’s and the Mughals. The Miniature Paintings have their own unique style which includes the hills, valleys, court assemblies (Durbars), Hunting adventures, religious festivals, processions and scenes from the life of lord Krishna. Miniature Paintings are basically famous for bold lines, emotionally charged faces, use of gaudy colours like red, orange, blue and with robust figures... It has spread its wings in the early 5th century and gradually reached its pinnacle of success in the 15th and 17th century. Another form of style was Bundi form of style. The Bundi miniatures are based on the Indian Ragas. Bundi Painting also illustrates the different stages of Lord Krishna and also gracefully presents the saga of love-“Krishnalila”. It also illustrates the legends like LailaMajnu, Historical events, Village scenes are the main themes of the Bundi Paintings.
Among the folk style of Painting we will get the Phad Paintings and the Pinchwais. The Phads are the most ancient Rajasthani form of art. The main theme of the Phad Paintings is the local deities and their stories. ThePhads are a kind of scroll paintings using bright and subtle colours. The paintings usually carried from places to places and the traditional singers usually narrate the story depicted in the painting. Rajasthan is also known for Pinchwais.The main theme of the pinchwais was the backdrop of the Srinathji’s Temple at Nathdwara. The Pinchwais are printed with hand blocks, woven decorated in applique. These paintings capture varied folklores from every corners of Rajasthan which were narrated by Bhopas. This art of painting is actually 700 yrs old and it originated in Shahpur, a princely state in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan. The specialty of the paintings was that, the first stoke of the colours was made by a virgin girl of the artist’s family which shows the colour of tradition.
Thus Rajasthani Paintings are the perfect blending of incredible diversity and creativity, between the “Real” and the “Imagined”.