Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Rajasthan photo painting gifts

Rajasthan is the land of cultural diversity. Rajasthan has always been the first choice to jaunt, not only for the traditional richness but also to see the mix and match of the colours and art. If Rajasthan tells the stories of the great warriors; it also speaks of its uniqueness through its innumerable works of art which make her a show stopper. Rajasthan is dynamic, attractive and irresistible.
If any one pays a visit to Rajasthan, apart from forts, sand dunes, palaces, one could easily find out its rich work field in handicrafts. Early from the period of the 5th century Rajasthan had reached its zenith of success with its art of painting. Rajasthani Paintings have made a place in many of the renowned art galleries and museums. So if my travel friends want to give their home a look of ethnicity, then the best way is none other than with the paintings.
The first form of art which has evolved in the field of painting was the Phad paintings. The Maru- Gurjar came (Art of Rajasthan and Gujrat) it becomes very much successful in the 15th and 17th century. Later came many other paintings style came into being like Mewar Jain Painting style, blend of Mughal Sultanate Gurjar paintings, Miniature Paintings. Miniature style of paining spread its vast wings in the world market of Art works. Within this Miniature form of painting there is another style of painting known as Bundi Style of Painting. So if one could think to decorate their house or present a gift to their friends or relatives so the best option is definitely Rajasthani paintings.
Maru -Gurjar form of painting is actually the art that continues from Rajasthan to Gujarat. Thus, if any one seeks a perfect blending of both the feel of Rajasthan and Gujarat then one can definitely opt for this form of paintings. Maru-Gurjar and the Mughal gurjar paintings are also termed as the Royal Paintings as speaks of the stories of the royal kings, queens, court assemblies, scenes of the onset of the wars. It also highlights some customs and traditions during that period of time like the purdah system which is being depicted with the pictures of Rajasthani Lady, queens or princess casting their faces with the long drawn veils. Rajasthan also has undoubtedly excels in feminine art of painting. One can easily think for lady paintings for giving gifts. The lady painting of Rajasthan holds their place in many of the houses of the art lovers.
If anyone wants to have to hold the local culture of Rajasthan then one easily go for the Bundi paintings or the miniature kind of painting where it upholds the regional culture and gathas(stories) of their daily worshiped  deities using materials like clothes, homemade colours from the sources like vegetables, minerals, extracts of flowers, sometimes they used gold and silver. It also depicts the “krishnalila”of Lord Krishna. It beautifully describes the beautiful stories of Radhe-Krishna love episodes. Thus, one can easily use the Bundi Paintings as their wall hangings.
Rajasthani Paintings are the ultimate choice for the art lovers as presenting as gifts.