Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Modern Rajasthani lady painting

Rajasthan is famous for land of warrior. Rajasthan is like the birth place of many great warriors like Rana Pratap Singh, Himu, Prithiraj Chouhan and many of great and brave kings. Rajasthan is like the fair of all talents. As if Rajasthan holds the entire history in its bosom, whether it may be in the field of heroism, patriotism, Romance or it excels in art. May it hold the history in forms of paintings or in the walls of the palaces? Rajasthan depicts one and only that its uniqueness in terms its physiology or may be in terms historical traditions. From the early periods of time Rajasthan (etymological meaning THE LAND OF RAJAS) was the junction of the Rajputs and the invasions of many foreign intruders. We all know about the Mirabai, the great Devotee of Lord Krishna belong from Rajasthan and one of the most Significant figures of the Saint tradition of the Vaishnava bhakti movement in that time. 
 Rani Padmini, Who was the queen of Chitorgarh, showed valour against the foreign invasion? Her chivalrous act got Place not only in the Indian history but also in the world history. Rajasthan is also famous for the great love saga of Prithiraj Chouhan and Sanjukta. There love story Very much famous in world wide.
So Rajasthani painting is almost incomplete without those chivalrous ladies, who had left a mark on the geography of Rajasthan.
The great rajput story their culture behind their paining. Rajasthani paintings are dynamic and changeable with the respect of time. Rajasthani painters through their paintings uplift the Women figures that were empowered with patience, grace, serenity through their paint. Motherhood with universal care as well as bravery and serenity of Rajasthani woman reflect in Rajasthani Lady Paintings.
Their colors of their paint really unique and attractive. Now Rajasthani paint get a unique name throughout the world. Imagine the Dhor Desert with camel in a picture background and a beautiful, colorful Rajasthani village lady warring attractive ornament. Wow that is really dream compassion of a painter.
In modern age, Rajasthani painters express life of village life of women with their attractive dressing beautiful eye catching ornament. Paining has good village background with Rajasthani village life in dhar desert with camel. Their abstract thinking of paining help Rajasthani paining to spent through the world wide.
Rajasthani Full of loves to experiment with different styles and techniques and depicts also express the great story of Rajasthani women.Now Modern Rajasthani paining has good market in word wide. Because those are attractive, expression able of the passion of women in Rajasthan. Reflect the culture of Rajasthan.
The main cause of success of Rajasthani paint is completely goes to their land which full of culture, bravery, passion of love, devotedness of the   God which through their Paints. Rajasthani paint rally have a good fortune. It increase the attraction not only the Rajasthan but also India. Lot of good painter in Rajasthan contributes their effort in the Rajasthani painting continuously which make Rathathani painting attractive through worldwide.